Have you ever spent a second thought on your popcorn container after watching a movie? Or have you brought your own cup to the cinema? 
Well, you're not alone if you haven't. 
We identified this problem after some research and designed a multi use solution for cinemas "Kosmino" in a group project.
The Problem:
Firstly we analysed the problems of the B2B sector and talked to cinemas in our area.
We were surprised that there were absolutly no suppliers with a sustainable alternative. One company from Germany has the absolute monopoly on the concession market. Besides that, regular packaging products mostly aren't recyclable.
To find out more about our B2C user group and their problems we did some user research and ran a survey.
Satisfaction with food and beverage supply
Awareness of own waste production
Our Solution:
We decided on a multi-use system without a deposit since the cinema is a closed system.
The container is made of glass and protected by a sleeve out of neoprene. Glass turned out to be a realistic material and is already used by cinemas to package food. The sleeve maintains the drink's temperature and is a possible surface for printable advertisments.
Charecteristics we considered: dishwasher safe, recyclable material, food safe, fast drying, stackable, high quality
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